martedì, 3 Dicembre , 2019

Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Adult education staff mobility
Project Title :To Make European Projects: fieldwork
Project Coordinator
PIAZZA LIBERTA, 19 , 83100 AVELLINO , Campania , IT
Project Information
Integration of refugees ; Inclusion – equity ; International cooperation,
international relations, development cooperation

Project Summary
The Consorzio Percorsi operates in a complex and problematic context and works to promote Local Development. The business fabric of the province of Avellino was established in 2015 (Analysis UnioncamereCampania 2016) from 43.869 registered companies. Compared to 2014, there was a decrease of -0.2%; a figure that in absolute terms corresponds to over 100 units less than the previous year. At the end of April 2016, the number of innovative start-ups amounted to 18 in the province of Avellino. Compared to the other provinces of Campania, the territory of Avellino represents the area with the lowest number of start-ups. The youth unemployment rate (15 – 24 years) stands at 48.2%. In the province of Avellino in the last year the number of employees decreased by -1.8%; in absolute terms, it is almost three thousand fewer workers. The unemployment rate in the province of Avellino is, in 2015, equal to 16.5%, three percentage points higher than what was recorded ten years earlier (13.3%). There are currently 1823 migrants present in the territory, of whom 1471 asylum seekers hosted in the extraordinary reception centers (CAS) in 50 structures distributed in 28 municipalities, and 352 protection holders housed in the 14 centers of the Protection System for asylum seekers and refugees ( 14 SPRAR) currently active. Percorsi directly manages the SPRAR present in the Municipality of Torrioni and participates in the management of the Ariano Irpino SPRAR. In addition ‘manages two CAS, one in Avellino and the other in Ospedaletto d’Alpinolo. The association in Irpinia has strong roots that must be sought in the huge tragedy of the earthquake of 80, which has become a model of excellence for the entire nation. In the Province of Avellino, there are 166 voluntary associations (Data CSV 2019). From our survey (together with CSV,Caritas, and Confcooperarive), which involved voluntary associations and the third sector, we found the lack of knowledge about Europe as an institution, values, culture, and opportunities. Young people do not know the political and cultural “place” they belong to. Even more are the European programs on direct funds unknown. For Itineraries it is necessary, in order to encourage Local Development, to promote and implement European cooperation and to bring the values, the culture, the opportunities that Europe offers where Europe does not exist. Percorsi intends to promote and implement European cooperation as a “strategic dimension” for local
development, becoming a point of reference on the territory. For this, it is necessary to create a new area within our organization that will be called “European Cooperation”. This area will be an information center and a service center. Information Center: the European institutions; European politics; European culture; European opportunities for associations, cooperatives, and businesses and for individual citizens (especially for young people); information workshops. Services: needs analysis and search for opportunities; realization and presentation of projects; assisting with the drafting of business plans and the presentation of requests for European funding for start-ups and micro businesses; training activities. We are aware that to realize the new
area, “European Cooperation”, it will be a long journey and a complex path and that our objective is ambitious. We are equally aware that the objectives are achieved “one step at a time”, starting to build a solid foundation. As a first step we decided to use the opportunity of this program and to acquire new skills for two of our resources, one of our expert resources (projects on national and regional calls and trainer) and a young resource (youth operator), through the use of the tool to assist with work and participation in learning activities. We decided to
focus our attention on the acquisition of skills such as: design methodology for European projects; skills and knowledge related to the Erasmus plus program which, in our opinion, appears to be consistent with a good part of our mission as we work a lot with young people and young migrants; relating to the implementation and management of European projects through active participation in the implementation of funded projects; relating to the implementation of solid relations with European associations similar to ours or complementary to ours in
order to carry out exchanges of good practice and be able to set up our own European network and be part of existing European networks. With thorough research, we have identified the hosting company: New International Company Of Live Arts (NICOLA UK) that has been operating in London for many years with great success within
the opportunities offered by the European Programs (in particular Erasmus Plus).
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